Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big, Angry Beastie

Well another month has gone by with barely any news from me and I'll tell you why. Because I have been a big, angry Beastie! I didn't want to push all my mean-nasty on you, so instead I have been having daily ice cream anti-socials. (Or cake, or brownies, or chips, or cheese, or Mexican food... Mmm Mexican food that sounds delicious. I need to eat dinner.) But today while I was reading over my lunch hour, I realized that I have been a big, angry Beastie and need to get over it! Basically I have been saying "woe is me" for over a month now and I'm sick of myself. To give you an idea of my inner monologue, here's a sample: "Where are my babies? Where's my rich husband? Where's my big, beautiful house? Why am I still working? Why aren't I a stay-at-home mom with lots of children? Where's my new car with working AC? etc, etc..." You see how annoying I've been?

So I decided to be happy with what I got. I don't have everything I ever dreamed of, but in some ways I have more... I have a loving husband who tells me I'm hot everyday. He's my best friend and cracks me up! (Plus I always loved John Lennon and he's a little John Lennon-looking. Or as I now think, John Lennon is a little Mark-looking.) I have a good job and I make good money - in fact I just got a raise today. And I'm using that job to help my husband pay his way through school - this lady is bringing home the bacon. (Mmm bacon. Really need to eat dinner.) I don't have any babies yet and sometimes it's dang hard not to stress out thinking about how these eggs have an expiration date and wanting to slap every pregnant lady I see. (No offense to all my pregnant girls. Love ya, mean it! Happy for you, sad for me - you know how it is...) But I know that I will have some babies - in the words of George Michael I just gotta have faith - because the Lord is smarter than me. And thanks to modern conveniences, I have a DVR, Netflix, and a library card so I can escape at the snap of a finger. We just moved in to a super cute apartment that we love. And we don't have roommates anymore! (Can I get an Amen?!) Although I have a 12 year old car with no working AC - I have no car payment. And my friend's husband just put a CD player in it - no more tape deck for me baby, welcome to the 21st century - so I have been enjoying rocking out to my CDs on my way to and from work each day.

So you see life aint too shabby. I mean just look at that dorky expression on his face - how could I not love that guy and be happy?!

Now I am going to go eat dinner, cause I am starving. In case you didn't already guess.


Catherine said...

Oh how I love a Heather McKeon! I have been feeling the same way (you know) and I really appreciate you kind of unofficially joining my pity party (whining with me) and then getting over it too. That's how come we're friends.


Heather said...

I love you ya big angry beastie :) Aren't we all big angry beasties sometimes? The fact that you recognized you were just proves you aren't. And Mark totally looks like John Lennon and you are an adorable couple and look so cute in that picture. I need to come see your new place if you promise not to slap me. ahhhh... hahaha - J/K. You can totally slap me. ;)

melissa said...

Sorry you've been big, angry beastie. I was thinking of you this past week as I was ignoring my family and doing nothing but reading The Goose Girl and the other books in the series. You recommended them to me two years ago and I just now figured out how to use the library. "That Heather McKeon sure is awesome and not at all a beastie," I thought to myself.

bobcrenshaw said...

I love your writing... You should write a book!

On a side note, you are making me hungry now... Curse the bacon!!

I'm happy for you...when you get stuck in a rut it is often hard to look at yourself and realize what you are acting like. Good job my sister!!

Heather McKeon said...

Ah shucks you guys all make me feel so grown up and mature and stuff. Note to self - must tell others more quickly when being big, angry Beastie and will feel all better from nice comments. Also bacon helps - did end up eating bacon for dinner last night.

Ha! Heather I knew you were going to tell me I could slap you! But don't worry I won't. OK maybe I will!

And Melissa I am glad to hear you are (finally) enjoying the Goose Girl books... I think River Secrets is my favorite. Now I should finally go read your book suggestions and think about how not at all beastie you are.

Lisa said...

I agree with Heather W. - Aren't we all beasties when things go wrong?!?!? Just ask Brandon about my latest PMS episode!
Glad to hear things are looking up. So where's the new digs? We gotta hang out soon and catch up!

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

Beastie! I have been feeling equally poo-poo about my own life lately. ie- "why do I have to live in this crappy little town so far away from everyone? why do I have to miss the whole summer because I feel like crap? why do I have to have to slowest metabolism in the known universe? etc..." I'm glad that I'm not the only person who attends lengthy pity parties for one. :) Maybe next time I can be like you and snap out of it! Love you!!!!!!

Heather McKeon said...

We are in Morrisville - but should definitely get together and hang out. It's been FOREVER! (please say that like that kid from Sandlot. The End.)