Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo Recap

I've been quite busy recently with the new job, birthdays, getting ready to move, and the zombie invasion... So I thought I'd give you a little photo recap to catch you up, before I'm off to behead a few more unsightlies.

Laura's hubby Travis came down to visit with Sophia and Holly so we had a lot of fun with them. (If you didn't already know my sister Laura is preggers with twins and has been on bed rest.) Two of my favorite moments are as follows. We went to the pool and while walking home Holly said, "this is a long short cut." I gave the girls a bath and was too lazy to get the kids soap and shampoo, so I just used some of mine. They really loved using a bar of soap and sudsing it up in their hands. I explained to them that the soap was lemon-verbena to which Sophia said, "it's pretty funny we're making our bums smell like lemon!" I agree Sophia, I agree.

Grace and her best friend Mark had a birthday party. Grace turned 2, Mark turned 2 + 23.

Lily had her 2nd birthday party. We played games and went out for ice cream. I made her and Claire pillowcase dresses and decided to make Susy a matching apron too. (PS- Lily loves to be naked. As soon as we came back from Sunni Sky's she said "diaper off.")

(that's her daddy's pinching hand)

And then obviously the zombie invasion.

Yes, this is an actual photo Mark took, it's just a few blocks up the road from us, it all started 4th of July weekend... It's been quite a nightmare, as you can imagine.


Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

Zombies?! What in the world! That CAN'T be a real sign! How long did it say that? And what's your score so far? I love the story about lemon scented bums! :) And I love the pillowcase dresses! Hooray! I really miss you!

Heather McKeon said...

The sign was like that for 3 days. So if you ever decide to hack a road sign do it over a holiday weekend, it will last longer.

Catherine said...

Sounds like fun times, indeed! Long short cuts, lemon bums, pillow case dresses...OH MY! I saw the girls in the dresses on Sunday a few weeks back and they were adorable!

Please try and do be careful. Zombies are not something you want to mess with. (And kind of whoever did that sign is my hero)

The Mrs. said...

Is that Morrisville Carpenter Rd.?
OMG, I used to get deer feed corn at the grey farm store behind the zombie sign. Hope the little old farmer guy who runs it steered clear of the invasion. He was such a sweet toothless old man.
That apron you made is DARLING!
I collect vintage ones, but must say I love yours much better than any in my collection.
You're amazing!

Heather McKeon said...

You know it well Cara - it is indeed Morrisville Carpenter Rd right in front of the farm store. I have not heard if he survived the attacks. I will keep you informed. We've lost a lot to so it's hard to keep up with everyone. But his being toothless is an advantage to us if he had indeed been turned. No teeth = no biting.