Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What You Said?

Here are a few of my favorite conversations over the last month and a half...

Mike: I miss Win Ben Stein's Money.
Mark: Oh I hate that show! You can only win if you pee!
Mike: What?! Oh, no you're thinking of Distraction.

On Easter Mark and I explained to Sophia that the Easter Bunny poops chocolate candy and that's how we get all the yummy Easter candy, and this is what she had to say about it.
Sophia(laughing): Wow! You sure know a lot about the Easter Bunny!

Holly really wants to be a part of every conversation, so here's an example of how she joins in.
Me: We should all go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday.
Holly: What you said, Aunt Header?
Me: I said we should go to the Farmer's Market.
Holly: Oh, I just love the Farmer's Market!
(You see, you can say pretty much anything and Holly will "just love" it.)

Abby: Roar, roar, roar

While driving home from Sunni Sky's (best ice cream ever, by the way!) the girls asked me to tell a story, so I suggested that we all tell the story together. So I'd have the girls fill in at certain points, you know what I mean...
Me: Once upon a time Sophia and Holly opened a french fry stand. And it became really popular and everyone really loved their famous french fry sauce. Which was made of?
Sophia: Cherry juice and coconut juice.
Me: Mmmmm, sounds delicious. And then Lily opened up a hot dog stand next door. And everyone loved to get french fries from Sophia and Holly and then go next door and get hot dogs from Lily. So Lily what kind of hot dogs did you sell?
Lily: Mickey Mouse!
Holly: What Lily said, Aunt Header?
Me: She said she sells Mickey Mouse hot dogs.
Holly: Oh, I just love Mickey Mouse hot dogs!
Me: Yes, everyone loved Lily's hot dogs made out of Mickey Mouse meat. I mean who doesn't love Mickey Mouse meat hot dogs?!
Sophia (laughing): Oh man, that is cracking me up and making me laugh so hard!
(Have you noticed that Sophia loves gross things? Yes, it makes hilarious story telling very easy.)

John: How was your day today?
Me: Fine. I turned in my two weeks notice at work and then I came home and ate whip cream for dinner.
John: Sounds like a pretty good day.


melissa said...

The Easter Bunny poops chocolate! Awesome. I'm spreading the word. How fun it must be to have you for an aunt. My friend's blog is called "What did you said?" because that's how her son responds to everything she says.

So are you starting a new job, then?

Heather McKeon said...

Yes, it is super fun to have me as an aunt.

And yes, I'm starting a new job on June 1st. I was ready for a fresh start...

Heather said...

You got the job - Awesome! I loved the bed time story story and That you ate whip cream for dinner. I love Laura's girls' personalities too. Sooo cute and yes they are super lucky to have you for an Aunt!!

bobcrenshaw said...

I love the cute quotes from the Chabo girls and that Lily likes to be naked just like her mama. The ZOMBIES AHEAD sigh is the best ever!!

P.S. Please add my blog..