Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Luck of the Irish

My punishment for laughing at Heather's post is this

and these

Well at least I'd shaved my legs. Naturally the first thing I did after falling in my front yard is hop inside and put on some shorts. Cause in case I needed a cast - they were not cutting my pants! But it is not broken, just a severe sprain and fracture, so that's nice. Don't be too jealous of the last two weeks of my life - and I didn't even mention the ticket for expired registration cause that would just be rubbing it in.


imabetty said...

Oh my! If it weren't for bad luck . . .
I hate this for you. Hope things get better soon.
Love you,

Lisa said...

sheesh...busted tire, busted ankle and now busted registration. I hope there isn't too much more!

Elisa Barnes said...

At least your toes look awesome. Can't go to the doctor with a gnarly pedi.... :)

Heather McKeon said...

It's true! In addition to being glad I'd shaved my legs- I was very glad my toes looked good. With the crutches they looked bad pretty quickly though, so I just redid them today - and let me tell you they look great but it felt weird. I don't know how to explain it other than that moving your toes with a fractured foot feels weird.