Monday, March 1, 2010


So remember that time I said that Mark and I were moving on March 13 to an adorable cottage in New Hill? Well never mind. We'll be staying where we are until August, cause apparently the Lord has other plans for us. It is a weird thing that we've gone through the last few weeks. We had been feeling like we were supposed to move, we found a great house, prayed about it and got "yes, you'll be very happy here." Then less than two weeks later we get, "Although you'd be very happy in that house, it's not My will. You're supposed to stay where you are until August." Mark and I have been very prayerful about it and we went to the temple Friday night and feel that this is what the Lord wants for us right now. And when it comes down to choosing between my personal selfish choice vs the Lord's choice - it's pretty much a no brainer! Through it all I've gained an even stronger testimony of faith and trusting that the Lord knows more about what's going on than we do. Even though it can sometimes be frustrating and scary to do what He says. So we'll see what happens over the next five months - and maybe we'll never know why we're supposed to stay and that's OK too.

In the mean time, since we already requested off vacation days for the move we decided to go on a mini vacation and visit my sister Laura and her family in Ohio. So you see we don't even have to wait five months for some of the payoff. Amish Butter here we come... Hurrah!


Heather said...

ah man! Well at least I am glad you are doing the Lord's will even if you won't be in my ward. lol! I suppose that IS the most important thing. ;) ;) :)

Heather McKeon said...

I know! We're bummed about that too... but who knows where we'll end up in August - so we might be in your ward yet! (fingers crossed)

melissa said...

Holy cow! That must have been a difficult decision to make. Even if you know it's right. Maybe the ward wasn't prepared to contain the awesomeness of both Heather's at once. Give it time.

They call me grandma said...
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Cara K said...

That's frustrating!
I like to tell myself that it was to avoid some terrible thing.
Let's just say the cute little house had termites. Yeah, that's it. ;)