Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling Neglected?

How have I neglected thee? Let me count the ways... Well just so you know I have not intentionally been neglecting you. I have written many-a-blog in my head while drifting off to sleep or driving in the car. Just seem to have a hard time getting in front of the computer with it all. But be assured the last month has been an adventurous one filled with Mark's healing eye, snow days and house/apartment hunting...

I am happy to report that Mark's eye is fully healed. Two beautiful green ones that I can gaze lovingly into for all eternity. (Too much? Perhaps...) And randomly through it all I found myself singing that girl's camp song "He's got one black, two black, eyes like a shoe black. Sweetheart to the bone..." (Ha! Now it's stuck in your head.)

We've had uncharacteristically wintery weather in NC. And as a result have had numerous snow days. Abby loved the snow! She shoved handful after handful into her mouth. She's definitely a snow-baby.

And in other news... as you know we've been renting my parents house for the last year but now they're ready to put it on the market. (And we're ready to be on our own again.) So despite the weather Mark and I have spent the last few weekends apartment/house hunting. Since we're not quite ready to buy a house, we wanted to find a place that we could happily live until we are ready to buy a house. We found ourselves looking in unexpected places like Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Apex. But most unexpected of all is that we chose a place in New Hill. It's an adorable little two bedroom cottage nestled in the country. I plan to go take some photos this week, so I'll post those soon. We'll only be 2 miles from Jordan Lake - so if you're looking for us in the summer, you'll know where to find us. We're moving March 13, so the next few weeks will be spent packing... But we're really excited!


melissa said...

Bah! That song IS stuck in my head now! Where the beep is New Hill? I'm so happy for you two to have your own home. Best of luck with your move!

Heather said...

In the Apex Ward boundaries! Woot-woot! We have discussed whether or not the world is ready for us to be in the same ward again. We have also discussed whether or not we are now mature enough to handle sitting together in church. lol.

Bring it on! :)

Heather McKeon said...

Melissa, New Hill is in the boonies!

Heather, We are so excited to be with you in Apex ward! Mark laughed when I told him that Greg made the rule that we couldn't sit together. And I'm not sure if we're 'mature' enough... but we'll do our best! :)

Rich said...

lol, let me suggest the answer to both of those questions is a sound no.

But, I think a good answer to most people who questions things these days is... Deal with it.