Friday, November 6, 2009

Full House

Living with John, Amanda and Abby over the past few months (and come to think of it, Mike for the past few weeks) has led to a lot of randomness and laughs. So in honor of this I have decided that I will periodically blog my favorite conversation of the week from the McKeon/Crenshaw home for your enjoyment. Because, you see, you get to share all these anecdotes about your children and the fabulous/hilarious/adorable things they say and so now I will be sharing anecdotes about my children - oh, I mean my husband and brother.

John: How many pancakes do you want?
Mark: Chocolate chip!


Elisa Barnes said...

Geez, I could post a couple of these a day... Keep 'em coming!

Heather said...


I love it!

Catherine said...

HI-larious, Heather! I force silly pictures of my doggie on people (via my blog) so why shouldn't you do this too? In the words of Oprah & Tyra, "You go girl!"