Monday, October 26, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month... Time flies as they say. Well lots of changes have been keeping me busy. Two doctors, Dr JC Zegarra & Dr Jason Graczyk (thankfully they both go by their first names), bought Triangle Chiropractic, so as of 10/9 I have new bosses. It's kind of weird not working with Dr Jenny anymore after nearly 3 years, but I really like both Dr JC and Dr Jason and they are bringing some really positive changes to the practice. So it's been busy and hectic, but exciting too.

My sister Susy and I threw a baby shower for Dr Jenny on 10/10 with a few other people and it was lovely if I do say so myself. We got a cake from Cake Dreams and it was super delicious. Kim Bloomfield made it and she did a wonderful job!! Everyone at the shower kept saying it was the best cake they had ever eaten and asking who made it. So naturally I was more than happy to advertise for them. And I hope that Sally and Kim get a ton of business out of it! I was also happy to finally give Jenny the diaper bag I had made for her - she loved it and I think I may have drummed up some business for myself too. Happy coincidence. Who knew one little shower could be so lucrative for two local businesses??

Last week Mark and John left for Illinois to help our brother Mike move back home. They did a lot of driving and very little sleeping so they returned a bit worse for wear, but it's fun to have Mike back in NC. He's staying with us for about a week until he can get things settled at an apartment - so until then we have quite a full house! While they were gone I got to babysit Abby a lot and it was a ton of fun! She is just too adorable and I think we did a little extra bonding. Wed morning I went over to the Winters' to trim Heather's hair and we ended up joining them at the Museum of Life and Science for the morning. It was really fun and even though Abby is way too young to have enjoyed much of anything - Parker and Meadow both really enjoyed her. I mean how could they not she is just too adorable!

And finally I am happy to announce that my dad got a job! Hurrah! They are moving to Ashburn, VA this week and he starts next Monday. Though it's a bummer they have to move out of state, especially now that more than 1/2 of us are here, we are really excited for them. In fact we're a little excited for ourselves too cause now we have a place to stay in the DC area. Mark's never been to the DC temple - so we will definitely be making a few trips up to visit them... You can't get rid of us that easily Mom & Dad.


melissa said...

That cake looks so good! So does that diaper bag. No doubt business will be booming for both of you. You are sure to be the favorite aunt. That's the most fun.

Catherine said...

So many great things, Heather! I'm excited for your dad too! Also I must say that Cake Dream is the most awesomest cake too. But I'm not biased or anything. Kim is AMAZING!!!!! Love the bags too. I love your creativity.