Friday, September 18, 2009

Did I Mention I've Been Busy?

Well life has been pretty hectic lately. Busy at work, busy at home... John, Amanda and Abby moved in with us on Saturday and it was super fun to finally meet Abby! She's such a cutie and is already in love with her Uncle Mark - the girls all love some Uncle Mark. So we've all been getting used to having roomies and spending way too many nights staying up late and talking like we all think we're teenagers at a slumber party. (And it kind of feels like that too. Oh, except for when I wake up in the morning after only 3 hours of sleep and my body is screaming at me "you are 33 what do you think you're doing to me?!")

Work has also been crazy lately. Mainly because Dr Jenny was out of town a few weeks ago and we had the worst cover doctor ever! He was a mess. So we've been spending the last few weeks fixing the damage. Basically he made everyone hurt worse when they left then when they came in! Terrible. After he adjusted me I had a migraine for a week! Plus he was super sweaty and clammy. Without asking he cranked our AC down to 67 and was still sweating like a beast! I was freezing and wondering why I was so dang cold when I realized what he had done. You don't work here - don't touch our stuff. But he was clearly very self conscious about the sweaty clamminess cause he would excuse himself several times during an adjustment to go and wash his hands, leaving patients alone lying on the table. Weird. If you have glandular issues maybe you shouldn't choose a profession that requires you to touch people all day. I'm just saying. But my favorite thing of all were the crazy things he said to patients. According to several patients he said, "Hmm I couldn't get your neck to move at all. What does Dr Jenny do?" My personal favorite response to this was, "I don't know, I'm a teachers assistant, you're the doctor!" It was out of control, but at least we got some hilarious stories out of it. And all the patients have been understanding and so though we've been busy, we've also been busy laughing.

I've also been busy sewing and crafting and am super excited that I've already had a few sales on etsy! Hurrah! It makes me feel all successful and stuff... In fact my first sale was to someone in the UK - so I'm like an international sensation or something. Anyway my plan is to spend a good portion of this weekend making more stuff to fill in what has been sold and I'm quite looking forward to it.


Heather said...

Yeay for being all successful and stuff!! :D That is so awesome as are the "slumber parties."

That is crazy about Dr. Clammy! I don't think the patients that saw him should have to pay for those "adjustments"

Catherine said...

What a wacky doctor. The moment his nasty gross hands would touch me, I'd be done! Thanks, but no thanks.

Super excited for more Crenshaws to be livin' together. Abby is so beautiful!

And GREAT job on your sales too! You are a master craftswoman!

Heather McKeon said...

Oh yeah of course Dr Jenny gave everyone free adjustments to make up for Dr Clammy's badness.

Heather said...

ok good! lol