Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank You Easter Bunny, Bawk Bawk!

This year we followed an old Crenshaw family tradition and celebrated Easter on Saturday. When we were kids my mom used to do the Easter baskets, presents and candy on Saturday instead of Sunday. I figure this was for two reasons: 1- so that we would separate the Easter Bunny from the true celebration of Christ's atonement and resurrection, and 2- so that we weren't crazed-sugared-up fiends at church. Since we are now adults (relatively speaking) and don't have to worry too much about being crazed-sugared-up fiends at church, we had Easter on Saturday so that we could all do Easter on Sunday with the in-laws. (Also Sat was Susy's free day on her new diet, so there's that too.)

I wanted to try something different so I cooked this turkey, gravy and stuffing recipe I had seen on Food Network back at Thanksgiving that I thought looked amazing. And the turkey and gravy were delicious!! Although I did make a few changes on the gravy - I left out the Marsala, and I also decided that 7 cups of chicken stock sounded like a whole lot of gravy! So I just used 3 cups. The stuffing was really good too, but in a weird way. I didn't completely follow the recipe on that one either, cause I am anti stuffing the turkey, so I just cooked it in a casserole dish. But I will definitely make more changes next time cause it was pretty much like eating a pepperoni pizza casserole. I think I'll leave out the ground sausage and double the bread and then it will be perfect - that is if you're in the mood for pepperoni pizza stuffing.

We also made a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate ganache in the center and dark chocolate frosting on the outside. My mom used to make these bunny cakes when we were kids so we tried to do that again. But by the time we had it all cut and put together like she thought, she realized that she used to make 2 smaller cakes - so our cake was too big for a bunny and just kind of looked like a split log. But it was yummy so that's all that really matters, right? And the moral of this story is that I need to remember I have a blog and take more photos. But in the mean time (and since the cake is all eaten) you can use your imaginations to see the split log cake... Doesn't that look funny yet delicious? You see it turns out I'm doing you a favor and making you use those brains of yours. Your welcome.


Heather said...

I am anti-stuffing the turkey too. lol. Sounds like a yummy recipe, thanks for sharin.'

Heather said...

P.S. Did you really cut up the turkey heart and gizzard into little pieces? hehehe.

P.S.S. The chocolate cake DOES look delicious!!

Heather McKeon said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the turkey heart and gizzard. I definitely did not cut them up into pieces and cook them. They were left out. Maybe the stuffing would have been an even better pepperoni pizza casserole with them included?? You try it and let me know! :)