Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moving On Up

Well we moved this past weekend. My parents had not yet sold their townhouse here in Cary; and I kept thinking that when John (my brother) and Amanda (his wife) move back to NC, we should all move in together and rent the parents house. But I knew that was craziness cause John and Amanda were going to move to Charlotte so he could go to Culinary school. (You might think that's craziness who would want to move in with their brother - but hey call me crazy I think it's going to be super fun! We'll have the best parties and also it is so much easier to cook for 4 than 2...) But then lo and behold I'm chatting with John on the phone a few weeks ago and he tells me that they've decided that they want to come back to the Raleigh area for a year or so and then move to Charlotte for school... So I told him what I'd been thinking, we talked to the parents, prayed about the decision, and ta-da here we are! And since, as I previously mentioned my parents have a washer and dryer in their house - we now have a W/D again. Hurrah! (So you see I didn't sell my W/D for nothing. I'm a genius. Though sadly not the Queen of the Laundromat any more - I had to relinquish my crown...)

So now we are unpacking and setting up the house. Which is really the best part of moving - getting settled in. And since John and Amanda are expecting a baby girl in May, it's been super fun setting up a baby's room since we haven't had any of our own yet. But I was laughing after all the men in the Ward helped us move, cause we have a cradle and a crib, so I'm sure they all went home telling their wives that I'm preggers! (So if you hear the rumors - be assured I'm not, but you'll be the first to know when I am.)

My parents are returning to the states on Thursday, so we are really excited to see them again. And Laura and her family are coming in to town this weekend as well - so I'm extra excited cause 1/2 the family will back in NC (at least for a moment). Since my parent's furniture has to ship from Australia and they are probably going to be moving to Virginia (or possibly another state), they will be staying with Susy until they know where they'll end up. And since we now have more space than a 2 bedroom apartment, we will be happily housing Laura's family this weekend. (Which is extra motivation to get the house all set up in a timely manner.) So this weekend is going to be tons of fun hanging out with the family. Hurrah! (And just to clarify - that last bit was not sarcasm. I know with me it can be hard to tell...)


allyn said...

how very exciting for the whole crenshaw family. sis. oman told me the terrible story about your parents. is your mom okay? i really hope so. is it possible that they would be moving to our area of virginia? youknow, the norfolk area.

have fun with everyone. that should be good times.

Heather McKeon said...

Well Allyn, there has been talk of both McLean and Vienna. I'm not sure how close those are to Norfolk. But that would be funny if they ended up in your area!

Cara said...

i don't think it sounds strange at all. i would luurve to live with Kevan again. it'd be belly laughs 24/7. congrats babe!
u are a genius!!

Lisa said...

Awhhh...and I was hoping you'd end up in Dur-ham with me and B. Oh well! At least you'll have continuous fun with the family!

melissa said...

Living with your brother sounds fun. I mean, living with YOUR brother sounds fun. You're so gonna have some sweet clam bakes.