Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Mark and I have basically spent the last week being sick. (Don't be jealous!) So since I have nothing exciting and fun to report on, I thought I would share a few Mark-isms with you. My husband says some pretty hilarious things sometimes (or at least I think so). He kind of has his own language... probably everyone has their own language in a way, but anyway here are a few of Mark's.

"Ya me say?" (something he and his younger brother said when they were kids meaning 'know what I mean' or 'do you agree')

"I have to take a tinkle." (he's probably going to kill me for this one - but it really cracks me up that such a big guy says something that only little girls should say)

"Huggle" (a combo of hug and cuddle- pretty cute, but it always makes me think of The Labrynth)

"Purple wet sweet" (this is actually something that my parents said to describe some generic Kool-aid they drank in Germany and Mark thinks it's hilarious so he now uses it whenever possible)

"Liar, liar pants on pumpkin!" (my personal favorite - this is something one of his high school friends shouted out at lunch when accusing someone of lying - only to be made fun of having clearly gotten his nursery rhymes mixed up)

"Is this real life?" (Mark's favorite quote from the youtube video David After Dentist which he's been roaming around the house and saying ever since seeing it)


Eva said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only person sick...well me and Eric. I think the plague is going around.

Eva said...

Oh wait...I am NOT glad that you two are sick though... :)

melissa said...

I would love to know how you work "purple wet sweet" into a sentence. Very impressive. Sorry you've been sick. And don't be jealous, but I found a t-shirt a few months ago that says "Don't Be Jealous." Weird, huh?

Elisa Barnes said...

Ha! This post made me laugh. And it made me think of my dear boy, who recently has been adding -zor to the end of everything. For instance, having to work late tonight? Suckzor! Ate too much at Five Guys? Lardzor! You get the idea...