Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More About Mom

My mom is now out of ICU. She's in 7A South, Bed 18, which is in an orthopedic ward. There are 4 beds in each group. But my dad said that she has a window next to her, so that's nice.

They plan to make a cast of her back tomorrow to make a back brace for her. When it's ready that will allow her to sit up, begin physio (as they call physical therapy), and get around a bit. We have no idea yet how long she'll be in the hospital.

This is all reminding me of Toby from The Office - right after getting to Costa Rico he gets in an accident and is stuck in the hospital. So here she is a little more than a month in Australia and stuck in the hospital, well at least she doesn't have to watch Entourage in Spanish... Is that bad that I am comparing my mom's life to a sitcom?

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Catherine said...

Heather, I so sorry about your mama. I'm saying prayers for her! On a different side note, I completely heart that you put TV quotes on the sides of your blog. I look forward to these.