Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Calendar Journal

A little while back my mom sent me an email with a link to a really clever DIY project: Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal.  I think it's so great because every day you'll be able to read back over what you did on that day in years past.  Obviously the first year will be somewhat less exciting - but then each year will get increasingly more fun.  Plus you can use double sided index cards and have that many more years to write.  All-in-all I love it.  And then to my great surprise when my mom came for Thanksgiving, she gave me a set of index cards already cut and stamped!  Fabulous.  So all I had to do was get my vintage postcards and a box to put it in.

Last Saturday we ventured to the Flea Market and I was pleased to find a guy that had a whole box of vintage postcards for sale.  Each one protected in a plastic sleeve.  They ranged from $1 - $3 per card, but since I needed 12, he said he'd let me have them for $12.  (Lucky me, cause I bought several $3 cards.)  I had so much fun choosing them.  I especially like my January and December postcards which are both from 1907 and say 'A Happy New Year' and 'Wishing You a Merry Christmas' respectively.  Oh and my October card is of a painting called 'Moonlight Over Screamer Mountain' which is just too perfect for October, don't you think?

But my favorite part is that three of them are used.  So I get to be all voyeuristic and read other people's mail.  One of the notes is so cute- a woman writes that her husband is at Rotary and she didn't want to sit in the lobby of the hotel with all the people, so she is writing the postcard in the car.  I think that is so adorable

I'm still looking for a box to use.  In the tutorial she uses a fruit box, but she also cut the postcards down to the size of her cards.  And I really don't want to cut my postcards.  I also want a box that will stand up against things like accidental spills on the counter.  So I'm on the hunt for a cool yet sturdy container.  But in the mean time I've got this little red and white polka dot box that it doing the job nicely.  It's a bit larger than what I want, though I do like that it can hold a pen.

And last but not least I must rant about Walmart and how they messed up our Christmas cards and weren't willing to reprint them without charging me more $$ and making me wait three days.  But you're the ones who messed them up, and I already paid, and I need people to get them before Christmas, you know this year!  Aargh.  I need to remember that I hate Walmart before I make decisions like printing my Christmas cards there.  So if you get our Christmas card and think 'that it the darkest photo, I can't believe they chose that.'  We didn't.  And this is what the photos were supposed to look like.


Next year I am printing my own photo cards.  Take that Walmart.  And Merry Christmas everyone!!


Heather said...

A very fun idea and A very fun card as well! We got it today. :)

imabetty said...

I love that you've got your calendar journal all assembled. And love the postcards.
I've decided to make one for myself and don't have any of the divider cards/postcards yet, but realized today that I have a great little tin that my Fossil watch came in that I think is the perfect size for this. I'm excited!
Also, really love your card idea. Walmart is wrong to not reprint them!! I'll have to remember to boycott them, too.

Heather McKeon said...

Using your watch box is a great idea! I'll have to look and see if I've kept anything like that to use...

housefrau said...

The calendar idea is super cute!