Friday, December 30, 2011

Candy, Iron, Wood or Amethyst?

Six years ago today I got to marry my best friend and it was awesome.  In fact, it still is awesome.  According to my friend the Internet, on the 6th wedding anniversary you should give a gift of candy, iron, wood or amethyst.  And guess what?  I choose candy!  Cause candy is always a good idea and obviously really represents the sweetness that has been the past six years.  Dude!  Sweet!  (Oh yeah, I totally did throw a Dude Where's My Car Reference into my anniversary post.)

Our wedding day was a beautiful, fun, awesome, and memorable day.  So I'm going to share a few of my favorite things about it, so you can see how fun and awesome it really was...  All my stuff accidentally got locked in the bridal room and we couldn't get the rings, the flower girl's basket, or the ring pillow.  So my Aunt Carmen broke in with a credit card.  So talented.  I learn something new about my family every day!  My niece Isabelle (then 4) was our flower girl and she took her job very seriously.  She was dropping flowers to cover every inch of the aisle and therefore ran out of flowers in less than a foot.  She turned to me at the back and shrugging her shoulders said, "I'm outta flowers!"  We all laughed and told her to keep going.  My nephew Bobby (then 2) was our ring bearer and he was having so much fun playing with the pillow, that during the ceremony the rings came off and I could hear them bouncing across the floor.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my sister-in-law Maria running around to get them.  I had to remind myself to pay attention cause I was getting married here and Maria would take care of it.  Mark was facing the other direction and so he could see people sneaking in late through the side door and told me later that he too had to remind himself to pay attention.  But I think my favorite part of the whole day was right before the actual ceremony started, Mark was nervous so he snuck through the kitchen to where I was so he could see me.  I was sitting there and suddenly I realized he was next to me and he gave me a quick kiss and said, "I just had to see you one more time before I walk out there."  Isn't he adorable?

And so it went... We got hitched,

we ate delicious food,

we kissed (just a few times) and ate more food (cake!),

we danced,

we cheesed it for the camera,

and everyone was really excited to throw stuff at us - I mean look how excited they are!

Can't wait for six more years of fun and awesomeness.


melissa said...

Happy Candy Anniversary! You both look lovely. Everyone does look super excited to throw stuff at you. Probably because that's one of the few times it's socially acceptable to throw stuff at people.

allyn said...

congrats!! i wish i had been there to throw stuff and eat delicious food and watch the chaos you described. very crenshaw. very fun.

Heather said...

an awesome day for sure!!!