Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mr & Mrs Sicky Sickson of Sicktown

Sick of being sick

We have spent the last week sick here at the McKeon home.  Both Mark and I are still fighting off whatever this current crud is.  And therefore have spent a lot of time doing little else but sleeping and watching television.  But I've learned a few things.  Like when you rewatch half of the Harry Potter movies (5, 6, 7.1) it just makes you want to rewatch 7.2 and reread all the books.  But then you realize that you don't own 1-3 only 4-7, because years ago before 4 came out someone loaned you 1-3 so now you must go buy them because when you reread them you want to start from the beginning.  When your sister-in-law tells you about this show that's in the Netflix instant queue and how it's strangely addicting - believe her.  Cause you will definitely spend the next two days watching nothing but Storage Wars, resulting in very weird drug induced storage-locker-swap-meet-horders-type dreams.  Not to mention experiencing crazy-drug-induced-sick dreams in general.  You decide that you now pretty much know what hot-flashes feel like because you have spent days switching from completely freezing to dripping in sweat in such rapid succession that you don't know how to dress anymore.  You learn that you can survive on nothing but chicken ramen, chicken noodle soup, and chili for every meal (and when I say every meal, I mostly just mean one, cause let's face it you're not very hungry) - because for some reason that's all you want to eat.  Oh and maybe a little chocolate ice cream when the 'hot-flashes' are really bad.

So that's what we've been learning here.  What have you learned lately?


Catherine said...

Aww, my poor sick friend! I totes know what it feels like to be sick all the dang time. When I'm sick I like soup and ice cream too, but I also want fun size candy bars.

I learned that I don't feel motivation to work when its cold outside. I want to snuggle with my dog and do nothing.

melissa said...

So sorry you are Sicky McSickerson! Hope you find those Harry Potter books you seek and get well soon!