Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky, Scary.

Werewolf bar mitzvah - spooky, scary.  Boys becoming men.  Men becoming wolves.  I have had that song stuck in my head for days!  Which is basically ridiculous and a weird thing to wake up singing every morning for a week.  But since it's almost Halloween - I suppose it's fitting.  Speaking of... I've been keeping myself busy doing a few fun crafty Halloween things (when I'm not on Pinterest pinning more things I want to be making).  A few weeks ago when my sister Laura and her girls were in town we had a slumber party and made headbands together.  The girls were so creative with what they put together, Holly and Lucy both made some fun and adorable choices combining felt, feathers, multicolored pom-pom balls, leaves, and wiggly eyes.  And Sophia in particular was very specific about what she wanted, so I made several Harry Potter themed headbands for her.  All if which I completely forgot to take any photos of while they were still here.  (Despite the fact that my camera was in my purse the entire time.)  But since Lily was sick and couldn't sleep over with us, we made her a few headbands too, so I got at least the one photo.

I also made this Halloween yarn wreath for my front door.  I got the bird and the glitter spiders (notice they are the same spiders as the headband) from the Dollar Store and I had everything else (in fact I inherited the convict orange yarn from someone and have been wondering for a long time when and how I would ever use it- success!) so once I bought the wreath, it only cost me $5 to make.  Love it.  And they are so easy and fun to make that I can not stop myself.  As promised I am well on my way to making one for every season, Halloween, and Christmas.  I've also decided that I need to make one for birthdays.  I will show you them all as I finish them.  I did make this Harry Potter one for my sister-in-law Amanda.  She loves HP and after making headbands with Sophia, I had this idea to mix the two colors of each of the houses together to make the flowers.  I had a little bit of HP fabric left over from her diaper bag which I used for a few flowers as well as the band to hang it with.  And then instead of a welcome message on bunting (as I have often seen on theses wreaths), I made little banners also in the house colors with an iron-on HP font.  It's kind of crazy, but I think I love it.  (Did I mention that I'm a little bit addicted to these wreaths now?)


allyn said...

you are the most fun aunt! the wreaths are awesome. you are really taken this idea to the next level, eh?

Catherine said...

Girl these are instantly becoming my favorite craft you've made!

I can't wait for more!!!

Heather McKeon said...

Yes, Allyn I'm getting out of control with them. But I can't stop myself cause I keep seeing other great ideas and they are so cheap and fun. Join the band wagon with me! (You know you want to.)

Thanks Catherine! You know if you come to book club/craft night this month you can have one of your own.