Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Husband, Carmen Miranda

Recently the members of the Crenshaw family that live locally (that would be us, Susy's fam, John's fam & Mike) have decided we should do a weekly (or at least bi-monthly) Sunday night dinner and game night.  So we take turns hosting and all pitch in for dinner, then play games.  Well we try to play games, but sometimes we are too tired and the kids are too crazy.  But we're attempting for some family time, so that's what counts, right?

This past Sunday we were at Susy's house and after dinner we decided to play Zobmondo, which is basically a board game of 'would you rather.'  As in would you rather have 2 peg legs or hooves for hands?  You get the idea.  Anyway when it's your turn you read the appropriate question and write down which one you think the rest of the group will choose - if you guess correctly you get to roll the dice and move forward on the board.  So when it was Mark's turned he asked us the question: "Would you rather be a part of a religion that required you to wear fruit on your head everyday or dye a large section of your hair bright red?"  We all pretty much immediately and unanimously said "dye our hair red!"  To which many added that it would actually be kind of cool and we would like it.  Mark was quiet and looked bummed, so we all asked  "you got it wrong?  You really picked fruit on your head?!"  He said yes, to which we all died laughing and said, "why on earth would you think we would pick that!?"  So he very calmly and seriously explained, "because then that way I could have fresh fruit whenever I wanted."  Ridiculous.

Also as a side note my sister-in-law Meaghan just posted this photo on facebook, their amazing wedding is featured in this months Brides Magazine.  So if you come across it, you'll have to check it out.  And I, of course, am going to buy it - cause that means my sexy Bond-looking husband is in it too!  (See how it's all about me?)


imabetty said...

I was laughing the whole time I was reading your post because I KNEW Mark was going to say the fruit — so he could eat it! (Very cool about Mark's brother's posh wedding. Will try to find the mag.)

imabetty said...

P.S. I want to get together and play games when we're in town!!

Heather McKeon said...

Yes Mark is ridiculous.

Also we already decided that we needed to make sure we got together Labor Day weekend when you're here for a dinner/game night. I think it's at my house next week, and then we'll be at either Susy's or John's when you're in town.

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

I'm totally going to find that magazine! And I can't believe he'd wear a fruit basket on his head. He hates accessories! Hilarious!

Heather McKeon said...

He says that he doesn't like accessories, but that he dislikes dying his hair even more. Also the one come with a bonus - fresh fruit! He is ridiculous.