Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Partners in Crime

So recently I have been spending my time rearranging and redecorating my house (I use redecorating loosely because I am doing it in the most affordable way possible - moving art from one room to another, repainting canvases, putting different photos in frames, etc...). Part of this process included asking my mom to send me old family photos - and when I say old, I mean old - I'm talking ancestors, baby. I decided it would be great to combine current family photos with old family photos all in black and white in my living room. I also went to the McKeon's and got some photos of Mark's family and scanned them in. And I am loving all the family mixed together.

Wedding photos of my parents, us, and Mark's parents

Here Mark and I are playing together in the backyard wading pool

My mom also sent me this photo of myself at age 6, which looks quite a bit like my niece Sophia (now age 6)

My Grandma Wade with her twins and my sister Laura with her twins

My mom as a toddler (with her twin brother Bill) and my niece Lily

My mom in college and my sister Laura

I think that was my favorite part about this whole experience - finding how much our old family looks like our new family...


melissa said...

Lovely. That is very cool that your old family looks like your new family. Your mom is smokin' in that last picture.

Heather said...

Love it! All of it!

Heather McKeon said...

I think my mom is smokin' in that last picture too. When Laura first cut her hair short my dad said, "whoa" and then went to the other room and got that photo.

imabetty said...

Love what you've done with all the photos! I especially enjoyed seeing the way you've hung the three wedding photos. And, the generational photo comparisons. . . Fun!