Friday, January 28, 2011

Previously On...

If you haven't been hanging out with us for the past 3ish months (so I've been a little slack at the blogging lately- so sue me) here's what you've missed:

Redecorated our bedroom (thanks to a little help from my mom for supplying the comforter and 4 sexy throw pillows)

Made a diaper bag for Heather Winters

Had some new nieces - Alice and Penny Chabo were born 11/30/10 - come on! how adorable right?!

Had some snow

Had some Christmas

Had some more snow, so we had a white Christmas (in NC who woulda thought) and watched some Doctor Who

Made a hip bag (aka cooler way of saying fanny pack) for my sister Susy to use when she runs - she ran her 1st marathan at Disney earlier this month

Had our 5th anniversary (which I incidentally have no pictures of) and a Happy New Year!

Now we're looking forward to going to Ohio to visit my sister Laura and her family next week. Can't wait to meet those twin babies! (And see the rest of my family too of course.)

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