Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holy Trinity?

Another random conversation that I just had to share. This one took place last night while cooking dinner.

Mike: This is almost a mirepoix, we just need celery.

Mark: My family never called it a mirepoix, we always called it the trinity.

Me: Actually I think the trinity is different than a mirepoix. The trinity has green peppers instead of carrots.

Mark: No I think they are the same. Onions, celery, carrots.

Mike: Yeah I think the one with green peppers has a different name and that mirepoix and trinity are the same.

Me: Well if it does I can't think of the other name...

Mike: So Mark if this was The Trinity who would they be?

Mark: Well I think that the Holy Ghost would be onions cause they get all see-through when you cook them.

Mike: OK well what about the other two?

Mark: I guess Jesus would be carrots, cause God is definitely celery.

(Incidentally in case you're wondering I was right - a mirepoix = onions, celery, carrots and the trinity = onions, celery, green peppers.)


melissa said...

Hm. I always thought celery was the devil. Potato Potahto, I guess.

Heather said...

hilarious!! And I have never heard of them being called either of those things. lol. Fancy Shmancy!;P

Eva said...

My Favorite part...I guess Jesus would be carrots, cause God is definitely celery. LOL.