Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventures of a New Couch

Not long after John and family moved in, our couch broke. It was on it's way out and so having 3-4 people regularly sitting on it at a time officially killed it. So I found a new one on Craigs List and it was just what I wanted. Plus it was only $30! I mean I've seen couches in terrible shape for $100 on Craigs List so you can imagine my joy when this lovely plumness was only $30.
And you may think, "but Heather you have a blue recliner and a red lumpy sack, why would you buy a plum couch?" And my answer is, because it's awesome. Besides if the recliner and the lumpy sack had a baby it would totally be the color of the couch, so you see it's a furniture family I've got here.

Anyway the point is the lovely plumness came from a cat home. And sadly John and myself are incredibly allergic to cats. So we put it in the garage and Mark vacuumed the crazy out of it before bringing it into the house. But that wasn't quite enough. Because before long there was sneezing and itchy, watery eyes, etc. We ended up renting a rug doctor and now it is perfect. But before the rug doctor did her magic, when John was dying a particular allergy death, I suggested he do a neti pot. The only problem being that we don't own a neti pot and it was Sunday so we couldn't go buy one. So Michael and I helped him make a homemade version out of a salad dressing carafe (a clean one, of course). We ground up kosher salt in the spice grinder until it was a powder and shook it up in the carafe with warm water. The water was a bit too hot when John started, so he popped the top off and added some ice cubes, then resumed the neti pot. It worked great - but I am sad to say that I have no photos, so you will just have to use your imagination. Watching him put that carafe up his nose, with ice cubes tinkling against the glass will forever be emblazoned on my mind, and most definitely prevent me from ever using that carafe for italian dressing again.


melissa said...

Thanks for the image. Awesome. Now I'm wondering what my couch and rocking chair would produce if it mated. Also awesome.

Heather said...

That is love making your brother a homemade neti pot.

Great find on the couch! That is the EXACT couch we have but in brown. Good to know the value of it has depreciated to $30 over the last 8 years. hahahha! :)

Cara K said...

Way impressed!! First the steal on that couch, AND a homemade neti pot?!?! I have no idea what a neti pot is but I'm totally going to go Google it. Uh-Mazing you are!

Elisa Barnes said...

I'll admit, the neti-pot concept creeps me out. My parents keep trying to get me to do it, but I've held off. Chronic allergies will make you desperate eventually, as we've seen from your post. Nicely done.

Lisa said...

I've been wanting to neti my nose for awhile. Glad to see that it actually works...regardless of the way it was delivered.