Monday, June 1, 2009

Adventures in Ohio

Sadly vacation is over and so it's back to the grind... But we had a great time and got to see all the amazing sites of Coshocton, Ohio (which are many, as you I'm sure you can imagine), visited Amish country (and bought all the delicious butter and cheese which we naturally forgot in Laura's freezer when we left), went to the pool (which is quite possibly the best pool I have ever seen! It has all these water slides and a play area in the middle of the pool for the kids - it's awesome!) and basically just had a good ol' time. We spent most of our time hanging out with Laura and her girls Sophia, Holly and Lucy - and some time with Travis when he wasn't working. Sophia and Holly were very excited to have us there (I'm sure that Lucy was too, but she's only 6 months old so she's slightly less vocal about it) and they spent the whole week calling our names and jumping on us. One day they even ate their snacks while sitting on Mark's chest. Because, as you know from previous posts, they love some Uncle Mark and I can't really blame them for that.

Now to help you fully understand the great time that was had by all, I will share a bedtime story with you as told by Laura on Sunday night.

Laura: Once upon a time there was a princess...

Sophia: No, Mommy! I don't want a story about a princess! I want a story about a bee!

Laura: OK. As I was saying- once upon a time there was a princess who was a bee.

Sophia: Good. A story about a bee.

Laura: Yes. She was the daughter of the Queen Bee and she had three daughters who were also bees. She was, of course, married to a bee prince since she had three bee daughters. And their daughter's names were Disobedient 1, Disobedient 2 and Disobedient 3.

Heather: What? How can you have Disobedient 3? She's only 6 months old, that doesn't seem very fair.

Laura: OK then just Disobedient 1 and Disobedient 2. And they had great friends come for a special visit and their names were Heeder and Mork (notice Laura's creativity on these unique names). And they came to visit and play with Disobedient 1 and Disobedient 2.

Heather: And Mork liked to say 'na-noo, na-noo'.

Laura: Yes. And the Princess Bee and Prince Bee told Disobedient 1 and Disobedient 2 that if they were very good and obeyed their parents then they could all go to the pool with Heeder and Mork. But Disobedient 1 and Disobedient 2 were not good and they did not obey so no one got to go to the pool and they had to go to bed early and have no fun. And Heeder and Mark were disappointed and left early. The End.

Mark: What? That's terrible. You have to at least give the story a happy ending.

Laura: Fine. So then the next day they were very good and very obedient and so they got to go to the pool. The End.


Cara K said...

bah-hahahaha!! you should have it illustrated and published, tho just in case "na-noo na-noo" is trademarked by the original mork, you should change it to "noo-nah noo-nah"

genius, i know ;)

Lisa said...

Hey Heeder!

Glad you're back and don't you hate it when vacations are over with!!!

Heather said...

I'm glad it worked out for those bees, because that would have been a sad ending indeed :)

Adorable pictures!! Lucy is such a cutie!