Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reunion, Schmeunion

A few days ago I got a message from my high school class president about a tentative date for our 15 year reunion this fall. Naturally my first thought was that she was up a tree because there was no way it had been 15 years! I am so young! I mean they just had the 10 year reunion last year or something. (Which I did not attend of course because 10 years is too soon for that garbage.) But then I realized that I had still been single and hanging out with the "summer boys" from the singles ward when I got the 10 year reunion invite. And now I'm married and have been for just over 3 years. And I did graduate in 1994 and now it is 2009- so maybe, possibly it really has been 15 years! But how can that be? Because as I previously mentioned I am so young. Wait, no, that's not me that's so young, that would be my husband. He's the one who's young. I keep forgetting that. But surely I am therefore young by association. I mean if you average our ages together I'm only 27! And that's pretty young. Anyway age is relative. I mean I've met some 27 year olds who might as well be 75 for all their curmudgeon-ness and vice versa. Therefore I'm sticking with I'm young. So take that 15 year reunion! (Although I probably will go.)

(This post is dedicated to the blog stalker. A little something for you to read today. And don't pretend - you know who you are!)


Heather said...

You are totally young by association and in spirit! You should go! Make sure to have Mark wear his John Lennon costume. hahahhaa :) That would be awesome.

Lisa said...

Using the same math...I'm...oh crap! I'm 31...I thought I married a youngin' but apparently he's aging as well. BTW...I was listening to Maroon 5 the other day thinking about that summer....good times!

Elisa Barnes said...

I live for blog updates. Does that mean I'M the stalker? Oh dear. And just think, you'll always be younger than me. :)