Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas, Anniversary, and Happy New Year!

So I'm finally blogging about Christmas etc... and all I have to say is it's better late than never! New Years Resolution: Always put off till tomorrow what you could do today! (No, that's not really my new years resolution, but maybe it should be...) So one of the Crenshaw family traditions at Christmas is to do a buffet of appetizers and desserts and then act out the nativity on Christmas Eve. And although our parents are in Australia and none of the boys could be here, Laura and her family came in town and we all met up at Susy's house to celebrate. We had a delicious spread and ate way too much! (which is exactly what the holidays are all about!) Then we talked to our parents on Skype. My mom was able to go home from the hospital on Christmas Eve (which was actually the 23rd for us) and so it was great to see her at home instead of in the hospital like on Thanksgiving. We had Sophia choose the parts for the Nativity, so that was pretty cute. She was Mary and Lucy was baby Jesus, and she chose Mark to be Joseph. Susy explained to her that she could pick any boy she wanted to play Joseph and that he would be her husband, to which she said, "oh I want Mark." (Good choice Sophia!) Me and Holly were the Wisemen (hence my hat), Travis was a shepherd (you can see my mom on the computer in the background of the shepherd photo), Todd was the Angel and Susy was the heavenly hosts... and Laura was the cameraman (so she's only in the background of the photo below). My dad read Luke 2 while we acted it out. I think it's pretty cool that we could do a skit together in NC and Australia - technology makes the world so much smaller... I made homemade Christmas this year, so it was pretty fun to see every one's reaction to all my "hard work". (I spent several weekends hunched over my sewing machine and craft table.) Mark and I spent Christmas morning with his family and had their family tradition of waffles for breakfast. Yummy. Then we pretty much spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with all the kids. Holly and Sophia are so funny that it's always hilarious to play with them. And Lily and Lucy are both so adorable- Lily is so sweet and smiley and Lucy is such a cute little turtle!

Then on the 30th we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. It feels both longer and shorter at the same time. Weird how time can do that. Since our anniversary is so close to Christmas we don't usually get each other presents - just do dinner and a movie. So this year we went to Red Robin and to see The Tale of Despereaux - which was OK but now I want to read the book, cause I'm sure it's much better. We're pretty simple like that and I love Red Robin - so sue me if I'm a cheap date. I just think people are funny when they expect all kinds of diamonds and jewelry for every anniversary- I just think that spending time together is enough. (But who knows maybe once we're loaded I'll be singing a different tune... haha)

For New Years we got Chinese take-out and watched part of the first season of Arrested Development and tried really hard to stay awake until midnight. But we had both worked that morning and we'd been up since 6am, so sadly we are very lame and fell asleep at 11:30! How sad is it that we couldn't make it 30 more minutes?! Oh well - I guess we're just one of those boring old married couples. What's extra funny is that on New Years day I went over to Heather Winters house to hang out and we were reminiscing and ended up chatting until 1:00am! So there's still a young silly girl hidden in there, she just came out a day too late. Oh well... Happy New Year!


Heather said...

Hooray for young silly girls and the friends who bring them out in us!!!!!!!!! Hi YA ping :) Also hooray for so many hilarious memories to keep you up all night - (demurely) - Oh, I am sorry, were you going to take that snack?

Oh man, those pictures are awesome. I am LOVING the costumes. Mark looks like a ninja, Todd an arab, and Susie is the homecoming queen hehehe. Mary and Jesus are as cute as can be and the caps and gowns are awesome as well. What a fun tradition. I might have to steal it!

Also, Meadow has those very same Jammies! Also, cheap dates are AWESOME. We ended up ordering take out and watching a net flix on our anniversary. But for the 10th next year (woah) I think I will be wanting to actually go do something maybe go somewhere new which doesn't have to be really expensive either.

Do I have the record for the longest post??!

Heather McKeon said...

Whoa definitely the record for the longest comment! I love it! And even though we just talked I still feel like I got stuff to say! Also going to see the barn house tomorrow - so excited. I mapquested it and it's just up the road from you- so what if we're neighbors? Hi-ya ping!