Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Week in a Nutshell

So even though it's only been a week, I feel like it's been forever since I last posted. Plus lots of stuff has happened the last week and I kept thinking, "man I gotta blog this..." but I didn't, so now it's time for a combined post of all events.

Sunday: A lady shows up at our door around dinner with brochures about some local politician (I don't remember who) and asks us to vote for him, to which Mark says, "He makes you work on Sundays? I don't think I'll be voting for him." Then he takes the brochures and closes the door. That made me laugh.

Monday: Dr Jenny was on vacation all week (for those who don't know I work for a Chiropractor) and so we had 2 doctors scheduled to cover while she was gone. I will not mention any names, but there was a guy and a girl. The lady was scheduled to work Mon and the guy was scheduled for Tues and Thurs. We had never met either of them, cause our regular cover doctor just moved to California. So the guy was great - he was very professional and a great chiropractor. But the lady was CRAZY!!! She was supposed to be at our office by 8:00am and she called at 8:10 telling us she'd hit a deer and that she'd get here as soon as she could. Which I understand that you can't help it if you hit a deer - but that's not the crazy part. So she shows up at 9:30am and looks like a wild woman! Her hair is disheveled and she's wearing one of those puffy cardigan sweaters with a feather boa around the neck and cuffs (What?! Cruella Deville, what kind of Dr are you?) But I decide that I must be nice and not judge her based solely on her crazy hair and attire. But then she interrupts everything we say and tells us that she "does not do things that way" when I am explaining our procedures to her. I wanted to say "look lady, I'm the office manager, and so I am in charge here when the Dr is gone. So shut it and do what I say." but instead I decided to take the high road. By 10:30 every patient that had come in since 9:30 was still in the office and they were all complaining about her. Not to mention that she was argumentative and well crazy. So I had to fire her. It was pretty interesting firing a doctor - she was not very cooperative with me. But it had to be done, cause she was a crazy person. And once she was gone I realized that she had only been there for an hour and a half! It was the longest hour and a half of my life... (Did I mention that she was a crazy person?)

Tuesday: went by pretty uneventfully, but the guy doctor was very normal and professional - so that was a relief. I ordered an excellent pair of shoes that I had been coveting for a while (see photo below). And all of the new clothes that I ordered for Mark arrived. This t-shirt is my personal favorite:

Wednesday: I finished making my Halloween costume. Which is basically just a modified $5 Halloween t-shirt from Target. But I sewed on new sleeves, cut the sides and threaded it with green ribbon for a corset type look and put some glitter on the spiders to make them show up better... I think it looks pretty great in a Gloom Cookie Girl sort of way. (That's what my brothers call Gothic girls and I think it's pretty hilarious.) Anyway we're all wearing Halloween tees at work with whatever else we want, so you know I had to spruce mine up a bit...

Thursday: my shoes arrived! And we went to the fair. I forgot to take my camera, so I don't have any photos. But we pretty much just ate a lot a fabulous fried foods (completely gross and delicious!) and looked at all the 4-H stuff. And we were home in time to watch The Office. Perfect night.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: nothing super exciting happened on the weekend. But we did watch about a million scary movies on TV and freaked ourselves out. So that was fun. We also watched this show that was technically not a horror show, but it really freaked me out! It was My Fake Baby on BBC America. It's Freaky! Plus I was in a cooking mood on Sunday, so I made homemade mac n cheese and grilled a yummy marinated london broil. Delish!


Heather said...

I love that you had to fire the Crazy Cruella Deville DR. haha! I wish you HAD said "Shut it, do what I say!" Love the Halloween shirt and the new shoes!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a full week. When things happen, Bryan teases me and says, "Are you gonna blog about this." To which I reply, "YES! SO WHAT IF I DO!" And then sometimes I forget. Love the week in a nutshell. Being in command is awesome. You should check out for some aces t-shirts.

imabetty said...

What a crazy Monday you had!! Sometimes you just have to shake your head at people and ask "What are they thinking?!!" Hilarious to read about, though.
Love the t-shirt you got Mark! and the shoes are adorable, too.